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Flat Laser Cutting involves programmed cutting of a stationary piece of material with a 2-axis movement system. Lasers are technologically-advanced to provide speed, accuracy and high tolerance cutting on carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium and metal alloys.

With better perpendicularity, smaller kerf and limited heat-affected zones, laser cutting yields increased accuracy on challenging profiles and specific part requirements like flatness and hole tolerances.


Typical laser cut applications are flat and formed sheet and plate components. With improved cutting accuracy, laser cut parts offer better fit and less assembly time for sub-assemblies and welded fabrications

Sheet laser cutting is available to a very high tollerance


  • Cuprous Alloys (Brass, Copper, etc) > 5mm thick
  • Mild steel > 25mm thick Stainless Steel > 25mm thick
  • Aluminium > 15mm thick


Laser Tube Cutting offers similar accuracy to that of 2d laser cut parts, with the ability to cut Circular / Rectangular and Square hollow section.


  •   Round Tube & Pipe:
    Min: 16mm Ø Max: 273mm Ø

  •   Square Tubes
    Min: 16mm X 16mm Max: 200mm X 200mm

  •   Rectangular Tubes
    Min: 20mm X 15mm Max: 250mm X 150mm
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